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No Success, No Fee RISK free credit repair

Our team of expert credit repair specialist may be able to get you your financial freedom back. We may be able to remove those nasty black marks from your report that may be restricting you from seeking finance or credit.

RISK free credit repair

What is a default/court judgment & why is it important to remove 

A default is also referred to as an overdue debt.

A consumer payment default is debt equal to or more than $150 and is more than 60 days overdue. For example, if you have a telephone bill of over $150, and it was due more than 60 days ago, it could be listed on your credit report as a payment default by the telco provider. 

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Living with bad credit places many restrictions on your life. Potential credit

providers look unfavorably on applicants with a history of overdue accounts, so it’s a good idea to avoid defaults getting onto your credit report. To do this, you need to ensure you pay your bills before they become overdue.

Both consumer and commercial payment defaults stay on your credit report for five years, even when you have paid the overdue amount. The status of the default is updated to paid which can be looked upon more favorably by lenders but it will remain as part of your credit history.

Below are some examples of the dramatic difference between Good Credit and Bad Credit:

BENefits of credit repair companies

Choosing the right credit repair company is very important. But what are the benefits?

Professional Service.

Debt Rewind work to repair people’s credit files for a living, so we know just what to look for and who to get in touch with to remove negative marks. Our professional experience is more likely to produce a thorough result than if you were to attempt to repair it yourself.

Worst the Fee.

While the fee to use Debt Rewind is low, there still is a cost, but you’ll probably end up paying more financially if you suffer from poor credit and are unable to receive approval for loans in the future. 

No need for Collateral.

When applying for credit or a loan with bad credit history, you may be required to provide some sort of

collateral. But when you use Debt Rewind to clean your credit report, you will no longer need to worry about this

requirement from the creditors.

Access to your Financial Freedom.

In a lot of situations, having adverse credit can heavily impact you from servicing any sort of credit or loan. Once Debt Rewind clear your personal credit report, this will help open the doors to a better rate and better servicing ability.

Please Note; The above example image figures are estimated cost and savings and are subject to change without notice. Do not take the figures as actual cost. For current rates & figures please contact the Debt Rewind Team