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Debt Rewind has a team of experienced highly regarded debt negotiators that will work with you every step of the way to tailor a solution for your individual needs.


It's time to take back control of your finances, the Debt Rewind way!

It has come apparent that everyday Australians are increasingly finding themselves in a position in which their income is no longer adequate to service their debts. Late penalties, accumulating high interest, fines and fees all come with missing payment after payment which start to seem impossible to ever catch up on. On top of this, the creditors start to take action as well, placing pressure on you or they will take legal action or place a negative listing on your credit report. 

If you find yourself deep in debt and want to act fast, take action now >

Debt Rewind are here to remind you, you are not alone. You do have options. If you are finding yourself in this situation Debt Rewind can help. For example:

Debt Consolidation


Debt Negotiation

The first two options may sound familiar to most, but surprisingly the third options is less known about.

Debt Consolidation is the process of making your monthly repayments more manageable by consolidating them into the one loan being your mortgage. This is a service Debt Rewind can also assist with or you can ask your broker. Bankruptcy offers an immediate end to your financial stress. However, bankruptcy carries very significant consequences that can be prevented. Ask our friendly staff members before considering this course of action. The third option, Debt Negotiation, offers an alternative to debt consolidation and bankruptcy. Debt Negotiation is a mutual agreement between Debt Rewind and your creditors, coming to an agreement upon a settlement figure to finalise the debt once and for all.

Let debt rewind professionals

negotiate your debt

We can find an arrangement that suits not only you, but also your creditors.

When Debt Rewind takes care of negotiating your debts, it is possible to have your debts lowered by as much as 40%. For example, if you have $40,000 of debt owed to one creditor, after a negotiation that amount can be reduced to $16,000. Generally with this level of savings and negotiations, the creditors will only negotiate with professionals. There are many difficulties attached to the debt negotiation process, with the negotiation often being lengthy and complicated. With little experience in this area it is possible that negotiating by yourself could result in you accepting an amount that is nowhere near the amount the creditor could have achieved on your behalf. Consequently, it is often the best option to seek the help of professional debt negotiators.

If you would like to find out more about Debt Negotiation and if this is the right path for your individual circumstance or you just want to speak to a experienced professional free of charge, please feel free to call 1300 09 10 11 or fill out this form to get a return call within 24 hours. Our staff are always happy to hear your story and help assist you in the best way possible to reduce your debt.

BENefits of credit repair companies

Choosing the right credit repair company is very important. But what are the benefits?

Professional Service.

Debt Rewind work to repair people’s credit files for a living, so we know just what to look for and who to get in touch with to remove negative marks. Our professional experience is more likely to produce a thorough result than if you were to attempt to repair it yourself.

Worth the Fee.

While the fee to use Debt Rewind is low, there still is a cost, but you’ll probably end up paying more financially if you suffer from poor credit and are unable to receive approval for loans in the future. 

No need for Collateral.

When applying for credit or a loan with bad credit history, you may be required to provide some sort of

collateral. But when you use Debt Rewind to clean your credit report, you will no longer need to worry about this

requirement fro, the creditors.

Access to your Financial Freedom.

In a lot of situations, having adverse credit can heavily impact you from servicing from any sort of credit or loan. Once Debt Rewind clear your personal credit report, this will help open the doors to a better rate and better servicing ability.