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Debt Rewind understand that being in debt can be exhausting, extremely stressful, and it can seem like there is no way out! But here at Debt Rewind we will work with you to find a solution for your specific debt issues and help provide much needed debt relief! 


Don’t suffer in silence and let a small problem get BIGGER – call Debt Rewind today to rewind your debt and hear how we can help!

Include Debt Rewind into your problem and we'll include you in the solution.

Our Practice

We truly understand how stressful being in default or behind on debts really is. Our staff members are 100% committed in getting our clients back on top of their finances. When you call Debt Rewind you get the comfort of speaking to a real person, and once you are designated a friendly staff member, they will be there from beginning to end to ensure your 100% comfort.

Our Aim

Debt Rewind has helped many everyday Australians repair their personal credit report.

From Default & Court Judgment Removal to Debt Negotiation & Payment arrangement. We aim to satisfy our clients wants and needs that will best benefit their individual need. If we can save our clients a dollar by removing particular black marks and not others, we will be the first to let you know.


Since Day 1 of Debt Rewinds practice our main policy has been our strict No Success, No Fee service along with a No Upfront Fee policy. We understand our clients in most circumstances, cannot afford to take the risk of paying a fee with no certainty, that the service will be successful. We have noticed over time that this also gives our customers a lot more trust and understanding that we really are here to help you get back your financial freedom. No success, no worries, Debt Rewind cop the costs.


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